for her. by ESJAY + Liv & Light

With the brutal rape and murder of Uyinene in 2019, shock waves were felt across South Africa and there didn’t seem to be a household in our country who was not deeply disturbed and shaken by what had happened. It was like the women of our country were suddenly made hyper-aware of how violated we feel on a daily basis and the emotions we experience every single day that simply go undiscussed and brushed off as “normal”. When women started speaking out, we all started to realise that these feelings aren’t unique to just us, and that this culture of gender-based violence and oppression is very real in our country (and the world!).

So many of us felt and continue to feel helpless. This is were the idea came about for our “for her” range. We believe that, as South African women/small business owners, with a platform and means to make some kind of difference, we couldn’t just sit back and let this “phase out”. We have a social responsibility to stand up for our women and children, and to continue the fight that so many before us weren’t able to.

We decided to use the resources we have at our disposal to raise awareness through continued protest action, as well as to raise money to help women who have been victims of gender-based violence and abuse. We got architect and creative, Katherine grace hall, to design a print that was made using the faces of a few of the women who have fallen victim to gender-based violence in our country. Using this print, we created an active wear range which we hope people will support and wear with a heart of protest and of love. All the profits from this range will go to two deserving organisations who play an instrumental role in their communities caring and supporting women who are abused and violated.

This range is for her.

Thank you for your support,

Liv & Light + Esjay Sportswear