The idea for LIV & LIGHT came about a few months ago when Gaby decided she wanted to combine her love for people, and in particular some of her patients that she felt especially connected with, and her passion for beautiful clothing. The idea was to empower ladies by sending them on sewing courses and then guide them in the making of beautiful garments - drawing from nature for inspiration and only using natural fibers. This line has now been named LIV & LIGHT - Created by Healed Hands.

We had also been brewing up some other creative business ideas, including ceramics and art inspired by nature and sourcing beautiful homeware seen whilst travelling. We lay in bed for hours together, dreaming and planning and before we knew it, our concept for LIV & LIGHT was born.

We are far from business savvy (but luckily we have our very capable business partners Cam and Doug) and we definitely don't pretend to know the first thing about the fashion industry. But we are excited to give it a shot and hopefully we can share the way we see the world and what we love through LIV & LIGHT.